Navient Sued For Not Releasing Co-signers On Private Student Loans

Navient Lawsuit Unveils Private Student Loan Borrowers Lied To Navient, formerly known as Sallie Mae Inc. is being sued [...]

Students Awarded $2.3 Million From For-Profit Schools

Students Awarded $2.3 Million From For-Profit Schools Kaplan Career Institute and Lincoln Technical Institute in Massachusetts settled a [...]

Listen to Rapper Dee Rap About Sallie Mae Loans

Many former students find themselves paying a bill every month that they don’t want to pay. That bill is their [...]

Higher One Ordered To Compensate Students

Higher One Ordered To Compensate Students Approximately 1.5 million students were paying fees in order to access their financial aid [...]

DeVry University Lawsuit Filed By The Federal Trade Commission CSD

According to the Federal Trade Commission, DeVry University used false advertising in their recruiting, which led students to believe they [...]

University Of Phoenix are still being watched, despite probation lift

Three months ago, the Pentagon placed the University of Phoenix on probation and would not allow the for-profit school to [...]

Lawsuit filed against ITT Tech Exposes Deceptive Practices Against Students

A lawsuit was filed against ITT Tech, by former dean of academic affairs, Rodney Lipscomb. Lipscomb claimed that he [...]

Universities Are Being Sued By Former Students

Many young adults attend college with one goal in mind. They want to graduate and find a good paying [...]

Le Cordon Bleu Is Closing All U.S. Schools

One of the most famous cooking schools, Le Cordon Bleu, is closing all of their school campuses throughout the United [...]

Another For Profit School Gets Busted For Deceptive Practices

If you are one of 570,000 college students that have a One Account federal loan that you opened between May [...]

Dade Medical College Owner Selling House After School Closure

Ernesto Perez was the owner of the Dade Medical College before it abruptly closed back on October 30th of this [...]

For-Profit College Set To Pay For Operating As A “Recruitment Mill”

Education Management Corporation (EDMC), one of the nation’s largest for-profit college operators, has agreed to pay $95.5 million to [...]

Student Loan Debt May Mean You’re In For More Robocalls Soon

If you currently owe money on federal student loans, you might want to brace yourself for an onslaught of [...]

Settlement in For-Profit College Fraud Suit On Its Way

Sources say that Education Management Corporation, one of the largest for-profit college firms in the nation, is prepared to settle [...]

Were You Given the Best Private Student Loan Options?

Financial Aid counselors are typically never questioned on their recommendations, but in some cases they should have been.  Many [...]

Truck Driving School Runs Private Student Loan Scam

In one of the saddest examples of unwitting students being left with high student loan debt and no real hope [...]

For-Profit Schools Over-Promising and Under-Delivering

Over the past couple of decades, one thing that has certainly served to contribute to the current student loan crisis [...]

I Didn’t Even Know I Had Private Student Loans

For a lot of former college students, the maze of student lending can become so byzantine that it becomes very [...]

Victims Of Vocational Schools Rack Up Private Student Loans

When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put out a request for the general public to submit statements describing their experiences [...]

The Real ITT

ITT Technical Institute has built an entire business out of its claims that it is there to “change people’s lives.”  [...]

I Graduated ITT With $90,000 in Private Student Loans

Man Enrolls In ITT With High Hopes and Graduates With Crippling Debt and No Job Prospects One of the [...]

Everyone Takes Out Private Student Loans

A common refrain that some financial aid officers use in order to soothe those who are worried about borrowing [...]

Are You Being Threatened With Legal Action On Private Student Loans?

If you’re facing legal action due to outstanding private student loans, it might serve as some small comfort to know [...]

American Career Institute Lawsuit

Lawsuits for alleged fraud and deception for Massachusetts American Career Institute claim the school was intentionally deceiving in order to [...]

University of Phoenix Under Fire From Student Veterans

An advocate group for veterans who are working toward their degree has started a petition on titled “Students, Not [...]

Parent Company of For-Profit Colleges Settles Lawsuit By Investors

Education Management Corp., the parent company of well-known for-profit school The Art Institutes, has settled a lawsuit brought by shareholders [...]

It’s Time For Congress To Get Tough On For-Profit Colleges

The Great Recession prompted many people who were laid off to look into enrolling in college as a way of [...]

Sallie Mae Spinoff Facing Lawsuit Over Student Loans

In 2014, student loan behemoth Sallie Mae announced that it would spinoff a new company to originate its federally guaranteed [...]

Business Practices of For-Profit College are Questioned Once Again

If you thought that Apollo Education Group, the parent company of the University of Phoenix, was finally out of hot [...]

Westwood Colleges Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

redatory sales practices, fraud, and scamming students are what has hit the fan for Westwood College, a for-profit institution who [...]

Virginia College

Vatterott College Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Three former employees of Vatterott plead guilty in response to a federal indictment which had been filed February 5, 2009 [...]

University of the Rockies Fraud Complaints

Fraud complaints concerning University of the Rockies are plentiful in online complaints boards from former students of the school. Students [...]

University of Phoenix Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

University of Phoenix may toot its horn declaring it is a great, convenient, work-at-your-own-pace education provider but that song they’re [...]

United Education Fraud Complaints

Fraud complaints surrounding United Education have appeared in several online discussion forums and complaint forums in students’ efforts to try [...]

Brockton For-Profit School Sued for Misleading Students

A settlement has been reached with Sullivan & Cogliano, a Brockton for-profit school, after a lawsuit was launch which alleged [...]

Strayer University

There is no current lawsuits against Strayer   If you feel you were defrauded by the school you attended or [...]

Sanford Brown Deceptive Practices Complaints

Sanford Brown, one of the U.S.’s largest for-profit colleges announced in May 2015 that it will stop enrolling students at [...]

Salter College Lawsuit for Inflated Employment Rates

A settlement reached in December 2014 with Salter College means that more than 600 of its former students will finally [...]

Ross University of Medicine Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Ross University of Medicine, a for-profit school run in the Caribbean, certainly has its share of lawsuits. They don’t seem [...]

Remington College Fraud Complaints

Students in online complaint forums are saying that their time and money was wasted when they enrolled with Remington College. [...]

Redstone College Lies and Fraud Complaints

A class action suit against Redstone College consisting of over 700 former students and 50 employees was launched against the [...]

Rasmussen College

There a no lawsuits against Rasmussen College currently. Start Your Student Debt Challenge Review Tell Us About [...]

Platt College Deceptive Practices Complaints

Deceptive is the word most used to describe Platt College and its deceptive advertising and habit of misrepresenting its programs. [...]

Depression And Anxiety Called Private Student Loan Debt

Anyone who has struggled to repay their private student loans can attest to the amount of pressure and negative consequences [...]

For Profit Schools Under Investigation For Fraud

The United States Government Accountability Office or rather the [GAO] has been issuing reports about For-Profit Colleges since 2009, when [...]

Pioneer Pacific College Fraud Complaints

Pioneer Pacific college students both former and current have been forced to lodge their complaints in online complaints boards and [...]

Pima Medical Institute Fraud Complaints

You know you’ve signed up for the wrong school when even it won’t accept its own credits. That’s what some [...]

Penn Foster College Fraud Complaints

Penn Foster College is a for-profit school whose former students indicate is committing fraud. Deceptive advertising and misrepresentation of the [...]

Northwest College Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Students who graduated from Northwest College soon found out the hard way that the school had fudged its claims about [...]

New England Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

New England Institute students have sued the school with complaints of fraud. A four year degree at the school has [...]

National American University Fraud

Fraud and scam are the words coming out of former National American University students’ mouths. Online complaint boards are amass [...]

Discovering the Thrills of Pin-Up Casino India

Individual and class action lawsuits keep popping up on the horizon which claim that Lincoln Technical Institute has committed fraud [...]

Top PayPal-Friendly Casinos in Mexico

Are you a casino enthusiast in Mexico looking for a convenient and secure way to make online payments?[...]

Top First Deposit Bonus Casinos in Canada

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Le Cordon Bleu Scam

Want to earn $75,000 a year working as a head chef after graduation Le Cordon Bleu’s culinary program? That very [...]

Keiser University Fraud Complaints

Keiser University has come to an agreement with Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi in regards to claims of fraud at [...]

Keiser Career College Fraud Complaints

Keiser Career College recently reached a settlement for actions brought against the school by Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi. The [...]

Kaplan Career College Consumer Complaints

Prior to applying for university or college it is advisable that all potential students thoroughly research the school they are [...]

Kaplan Career Institute Fraud Complaints

Kaplan Career Institute and parent company APSCU are facing multiple whistle blower suits, class action suits, and government investigations for [...]

Jones International University Fraud Complaints

Students of Jones International University (JIU), a for-profit school, received notification on March 31, 2015 that the school would be [...]

ITT Technical Institute Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

ITT Technical Institute certainly knows how to create eye-catching commercials and with all the complaints and lawsuits it is also [...]

International Academy of Design and Technology Fraud Complaints

International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) has faced plenty of lawsuits in recent years and has constant complaints of [...]

Herzing University Fraud Complaints

Herzing University, a for-profit college based in Milwaukee, settled its lawsuit with in Minnesota over claims its medical assistant program [...]

Grand Canyon University Scam

When you think of a Christian school the words that come to mind aren’t usually scam, lawsuit, or disrespect for [...]

Globe University Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

Globe University reached the end of the appeals line when the Minnesota Supreme Court denied its appeal concerning the previous [...]

Fraud Claims against Ashford University

Ashford University and its parent company, Bridgepoint Education, have faced allegations and claims of fraudulent activity by Tom Miller, Iowa [...]

Fast Train Scams Students

Fast Train College may have had, “Get on the Fast Train!” as its jingle but it certainly wasn’t assumed by [...]

Devry University Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

The name Devry University is popping up in ways that aren’t being used to promote it as a viable education [...]

Corinthian College Predatory Lending Lawsuit

Corinthian College is facing a lawsuit which alleges that it duped students into taking more than $560 million in loans [...] Deceptive Practices

Much to everyone’s utter shock, students and employees showed up to class and work only to find the doors [...]

Computer Systems Institute Rip-off

Computer Systems Institute’s claims turned out to be nothing more than a catchy list of opposites the school would rip [...]

Collins College Fraud Complaints

Online discussion boards and Facebook groups have been filled with former Collins College students who indicate that the college was [...]

CHI Institute Commits Fraud

Kaplan Inc. has gotten its fingers slapped again, this time for its CHI Institute school for a lawsuit regarding its [...]

Charter College Student Ripped Off

Westwood College has faced lawsuits concerning allegations that the school ripped off its students. The school used high-pressure enrollment and [...]

Carrington College Student Deceived

Carrington College Student Deceived Carrington College…the school that claims itself as the starting point for careers in healthcare but delivers [...]

Capella University Complaints

Capella University complaints are certainly making a buzz online and the angry hive of bees making them is preparing to [...]

Brown-Mackie College Lawsuit

While many Brown-Mackie College locations still remain open for business, parent company Education Management Corp. has decided to close several [...]

Argosy University Lawsuit

A 2009 lawsuit  filed in Dallas was settled in December 2013 between former students and Argosy’s parent company, EDMC. The [...]

Brooks Institute Deceives Student with Hidden Private Student Loan Terms

Apparently the settlement resulting from their 2005 A lawsuit wasn’t enough for Brooks Institute of Photography. Although the school was [...]

For-profit School Rips Off Students

ATI Career Training Centers in Texas were informed by the Texas Workforce Commission that they were to cease enrolling students [...]

Anthem College Predatory Sales Techniques

Another predatory for-profit education provider has closed its doors as of July 2014.  Anthem College filed for bankruptcy and closed [...]

Kaplan Career College Consumer Complaints

Prior to applying for university or college it is advisable that all potential students thoroughly research the school they are [...]

Heald College Predatory Lending Practices

Heald College is facing a lawsuit launched by the federal government along with its parent company, Corinthian Colleges, for predatory [...]

Everest College Predatory Lending Practices

Lawsuits instigated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to the tune of more than $500 million dollars in student debt [...]

Everest College Manipulative and False Statements

The Massachusetts Attorney General is yet another government body to open a lawsuit againt Everest College and its parent company [...]

The Art Institute Deceptive Recruiting Lawsuit

The Art Institute’s name has been drug through the dirt in recent years for its deceptive recruiting tactics which targeted [...]

American Inter-Continental University Fraud Practices

Students claiming the American Inter Continental University was their first step on the road to financial hell, a nightmare that [...]

American Career Institute Fraud and Deception

Lawsuits for alleged fraud and deception for Massachusetts American Career Institute claim the school was intentionally deceiving in order to [...]

American Career College Fraud Claims

American Career College faced alleged claims of fraud by its former students who state that the college kept their transportation, [...]